Option A is not available, so let's kick the SHHH out of option B

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I have never felt the need to write my thoughts down on paper. Until now. 

Monday 14th June 2021, Minnie May Closet's next biggest focus came crashing down.

To bring you up to speed, Minnie May entered a licence agreement with McArthur Glen Designer Outlet Village to start trading from Saturday 19th June - wowwwww!! Sounds great, right? The response we received from family, friends, customers, followers etc etc was phenomenal. OF COURSE, I was going to throw our rapidly growing business into this exciting opportunity and pursue our dream. 

I requested extended summer leave from my job.

For the first 2 weeks...

-I negotiated, I set up a limited company and new bank accounts, I applied for schemes to help with payroll

-I / (we) computerised and streamlined all our bookkeeping, I purchased new insurance, I researched and submitted RAMs / COVID assessments, I signed licence agreements,

-I measured / designed / purchased fixtures and fittings for the store, I squeezed suppliers, I stocked up to react to demand, I streamlined POS and packaging to bring us in line with the big brands,

-I arranged branding and designed signage with an external company to bring the shop to MM life, I arranged tradesmen and submitted method statements for the fit out,

-I arranged displays, I ironed out shop logistics, I paid, I arranged to pick up the keys the week of opening, and breathe.....

{I hope you read the above as fast as I felt the pace (haha!)}

Unfortunately, the shop fell through last minute due to 'legality issues'. Devastated is an understatement, I felt a sense of failure for a short while. I was upset and it's OK to admit that, but I didn't lull for too long. 

When I talk about 'I' above, it's not really 'I' as I am fully supported, so we very quickly bounced back from this 'knock back', if that's what you even want to call it.

Two weeks on... the discovery of a new pop up at home, a re-launch of the homegrown website, and a few other exciting things on the horizon, I am no way going to calling it a knockback, a blessing rather. 

I am grateful for it, asides from becoming a retail expert (?) it's taught me an awful lot more and in fact reminded me how much I bloody love an obstacle. It's given me drive and focus to get on to plan B pretty quickly. 

The amount of support and love we received from EVERYONE (family, friends, customers) was and still is unreal. 

Here's to the next couple of (erm, weeks/months?) at our new address, be sure to visit!

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