About MM

Minnie May Closet started in 2019 while Hannah was preparing to start for her new professional career at PwC. Starting with one rail of MM closet outfits, with a friend, in Mum's house, an instagram platform and a beautiful bunch of supportive family and friends, MM saw the one rail grow to 200+ outfits within months!


The 2020 Covid period saw the introduction of new lines such as MM Jewellery and MM Boutique which look after the sale of accessories, pre-loved clothing and new wardrobe staples. Originally, these lines were introduced for survival of the new MM brand during lockdown. After multiple sell-outs it has catapulted MM even further into the future of fashion, building our like-minded women's community along the way.


Our vision

To become the leading hybrid platform for fashion-loving conscious women.

Our goals and values

Support and drive the shift from fast fashion by making a start with our women's community to rethink our relationship to clothes. The idea of our hybrid platform is to provide consumers with a realistic transition into a more sustainable mindset. By shopping with Minnie May Closet you are making a difference. You are wearing it once with our rental service, and/ or buying less with our conscious collections.

What makes us different

Minnie May is a hybrid platform. Hybrid in terms of online and store retail. Hybrid in terms of rent or buy retail. Both concepts move our brand and people towards sustainable fashion. Whilst we have a long way to go, we are setting the foundations for you to join us on our journey. Big impact starts with small changes.

Wear Once. Buy Less. MM x